Kellylee Evans

Kellylee Evans


Jazz/Soul | Ontario

Her name is Kellylee Evans and she is blowing up across Europe and N. America right now. She is carving out a niche, a new domain all her own somewhere between jazz and the soulful side of hip-hop. Between Lizz Wright and Erykah Badu. This radiant young talent brings vibrancy and energy to the stage, carried by her gripping voice and profound range of expression. Miss Evans' music is, like her, diverse in influence, playful and reflective of a genuine love for all life's experiences.

Her latest album, titled "I Remember When" is an unbridled reflection of her unique personality. Sébastien Vidal and Eric Legnini, are the two friends who became so captivated by Kellylee's energy that they decided to try and 'capture' it by offering her total freedom in a studio recording session. In her own words, "The connection with Sébastien and Eric happened so easily. We're all from the same generation and all three of us grew up with the music of the same artists. Eric has an incredible collection of old soul records; Sébastien knows jazz, not only what came before but also what's happening today. When we started this whole thing, it was like we'd switched on some time-machine. We listened to tons of albums we love."

The resulting chemistry and sound of Kellylee Evans, artist extraordinaire, is best taken whole. She sings standards as naturally as she draws the songs of contemporaries like Eminem, John Legend or Kanye West into her world and reanimates them, using her own blend of jazz, soul and hip hop. Her adaptations are as beautiful as the original songs she has written with fellow musician and producer, Eric Legnini.

Kellylee has too much dynamism and vivacity to deprive herself, or the world, of joy. Her background in jazz allows her to freely express her spontaneity, particularly live and onstage. Her warm charisma and subtle mischievousness draw the audience in, away from those things that dull our ability to feel. She encourages us to consider all that life offers. Like her hero and biggest musical influence, Nina Simone, Kellylee Evans is a captivating, unique, very bright and profoundly expressive singer. Not to be missed.

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